Dropshipping our hair

Dropshipping hair to your customers has never been easier. Just simply place an order on our site, pay with your card, input your customers address and we will ship straight to your customers. 

You just advertise all of our products on your own website and your customers will select which one they want and pay you on your website. Then just pay us with your card on our site and what ever money is left over is your profit to keep! It couldn't be easier.

You can either have our products shipped to you first then you can ship to your customers yourself or have us ship directly to your customers and they will think its come straight from you.

You decide what prices you want to sell our products for on your site and then pay us at our prices on our site and whatever is left over is your profit to keep. 

You will be provided with a tracking number to forward onto your customers.

For more information on returns and shipping see our page links at the bottom of this page.